Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Architecture, Engineering & ConstructionFor architecture, engineering and construction teams, project schedules can slip as much as 30% because of miscommunication.  Miscommunication leads to mistakes, and at any level, mistakes lead to rework, costing time and money.  Wouldn’t it be great if all that extra work could be avoided by keeping everyone involved and up-to-date at all time?  The SMART Visual Collaboration Solution enables any meeting participant, no matter where they are in the world, to participate in a meeting as if they were there, including being able to interact with content.  Implement it, and see ROI in as little as one week.
Benefits of a SMART Solution

  • Reduce rework through improved team communication
  • Minimize schedule delays by involving stakeholders throughout the process
  • Interact with virtual models to identify issues in pre-construction stages


Financial Services

Financial Services (700x235)Financial Services institutions are looking to remain competitive and differentiate themselves by making quick, effective decisions in real-time with collaborative technology.  Whether generating ideas for products and services, like E-commerce and wealth management solutions, or redefining business processes across all locations worldwide, the SMART Solution streamlines communication, regardless of location, delivering faster results with lower risks.
Benefits of a SMART solution

  • Faster decision-making and problem solving
  • Improves business processes and drives costs out of the business
  • More knowledgeable and engaged workforce



Healthcare (700x237)As medical technologies continue to advance, health care practitioners need equally advanced tools to communicate, manage information and deliver the best possible patient care. That’s why health practitioners from around the world have embraced the SMART Solution.  With SMART, you can bring electronic medical records (EMRs), X-rays, MRI images and other data into discussion and freely mark up the content, and capture every critical detail.
Benefits of a SMART solution

  • Prevent re-admissions by better collaboration in case management conferences
  • Quickly identify issues and get buy-in on resolutions with natural, rich content interaction
  • More efficient peer collaboration allows practitioners to focus their time on better patient outcomes



Manufacturing (700x237)The Manufacturing industry has seen a rise in competition, putting pressure on companies to find new ways to effectively communicate with skilled labourers and engineers located all over the world.  Analysing and visualizing complex data while getting teams connected and collaborating at all stages of a project is essential to the effectiveness of the development cycle.  With SMART, you can bring everything from a simple product design in an early project stage to computer aided drawing files into the discussion and freely mark up the content, capturing every critical detail.
Benefits of a SMART Solution

  • Improves communication among local and remote teams
  • Works directly with 2D and 3D models to identify design issues in early project stages
  • Increases local and remote productivity and keeps all teams up-to-date at all stages of the project