Right now, you probably work with a flip chart and sticky notes.  You might even have a PC and projector in your meeting rooms.  But it’s a nightmare to plug everything in and get it working.  Then after the meeting ends, you’ll spend your time fiddling about taking pictures of the notes you’ve taken then emailing them, or waiting for someone to type them up.  You need a new way of working.
More productive meetings start with SMART’s industry-leading large format interactive displays.  Transform virtually any space into an active collaboration setting by combining interactivity with the simplicity of familiar meeting room tools.
A productive meeting solution using SMART technologies allows everyone to work on a large format display together.  Use your finger to interact with any application, or pick up a pen and make notes over documents, applications, web pages or video.  Every meeting should be a chance for your business to improve productivity and results.  By making meetings visual and interactive, you can work with information in more meaningful, effective ways.
Capture and save ideas
You can record thoughts in digital ink as they arise and save them as part of the original file.  All of your ideas are captured on the spot – there’s no need to write summaries or revise slides after your meeting.  No more lost in translation.  You have the ability to easily share information, concepts and plans or conduct discussions and brainstorming sessions clearly and concisely.  Effortlessly capture these meeting notes and then email to everyone directly from the interactive whiteboard or display – delivered to their inbox before they get back to their desks.
Key benefits:

  • Elevate engagement
  • Enhance collaboration anywhere
  • Interact visually
  • Improve results
  • Communicate effectively
  • Work efficiently
  • Accelerate decision-making

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