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Create the maximum video impact for any event with Absen LED panels

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Absen LED videowalls are the perfect alternative to large-scale projection where space is limited or for use in areas of high ambient light. Their use indoors has previously been limited by the large pitch distance between the LED’s often resulting in the audience needing to be a relatively long distance away.

With Absen LED panels there are no bezels, which makes the viewing experience even more impressive and seamlessly stunning.   Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display modules offer seamless and high brightness display, scalable to any shape or size. This makes it suitable for numerous applications requiring a large eye catching visual display such as retail, corporate receptions and auditoriums, command & control centres.

The indoor LED panels offer amazing visual performance, and digitalising a retail space will help create inspiring experiences that generate more business.

You have the option to hang your LED wall from the ceiling for a jaw dropping display, or stand it on a mount and with the right amount of panels you have the ability to display a 4k image for your viewers.  With a bespoke mounting solution, it can be just 10cm depth, which is half the depth of a standard LCD video wall.

Absen LED panels are incredibly easy to fix, it can take seconds to change an LED bulb and the wall does not need to be taken down.

When using Absen LED, the viewing distances for the 3.9mm and the 2.5mm are incredibly impressive. Use the 3.9 for displays that will be further away and the 2.9 for a beautifully presented image up close. With a brightness of 1200nits on the 2.5mm and 2500:1 contrast ratio, there is no room to go wrong when showing your content on these impressive walls, especially when they are personalised to suit your needs. The panels weigh around 14 lbs meaning that it doesn’t take long to set a wall up, requiring less manpower! The 3.9mm has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a refresh rate of 2000hz. They are a bit heavier than the 2.5mm, weighing around 22 lbs.




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