Avocor F series
Avocor F series

Avocor F Series

The touch screen of choice for the work place

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The Avocor F series offers users a full ultra-HD 4K touch screen, with revolutionary InGlass™ touch technology, offering a fast, accurate, responsive and tablet-like experience. The built in INTEL quad core processor runs the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System, allowing you to access, manage and create content, using familiar Microsoft Office software packages such as Word, eXcel, PowerPoint and OneNote as well as gaining access to thousands of apps through the Windows App Store.

The F series comes in a variety of sizes suitable for any meeting environment, specifically 65” and 75”.

Integrated Windows 10 OS with Built in Wi-Fi

The new Avocor F series interactive touch screens include a built in INTEL quad core processor running the Windows 10 operating system.  This allows you to wirelessly access, manage and create content, use familiar software packages, browse the Internet and gain access to thousands of apps available through the Windows store, all in a safe and familiar environment.

Precise and Fast-Response 10 Point InGlass Touch Technology

Responsive, smooth, intelligent and accurate touch experience.

The new F series from Avocor will be the first to include the revolutionary InGlass™ touch technology. This new system has dramatically improved performance over other touch technologies

Resistant to light interference it is not affected by changes in ambient light conditions. So even when used in direct high brightness or widely changeable conditions your touch experience will not be affected.

The anti-glare coating has been specially developed to give a smoother touch experience, and the stylus material has been carefully chosen to complement writing and annotation. An exceptionally smooth and natural writing experience.

2mm Ultra Low Profile Bezel

Most Interactive touch screen bezels are 12-15 mm in depth. Dirt, dust and grime getting into them can seriously affect the performance of the other technologies. Optical touch screens also have a void into which small objects can accumulate, stopping the touch system from working completely. Avocor InGlass technology is totally different, the ultra-low profile bezel is less than 2mm, it is not affected by dirt and dust and there is no void.

Advanced Connect & Control Bar

The new F series from Avocor have been specifically designed with ease of use in mind. We’ve included several extremely useful feature and control keys on the front of the display as well as connection ports to make everyday use as simple as possible.

Whatever you need to do, use content from USB key, connect a guest laptop, switch sources, even blank out or freeze the touch screen. Do it all from the front of the display without even using the remote control.

Lower Power Consumption

The new Avocor F series has a lower power consumption than traditional Interactive whiteboard, projector solutions with standalone pc/laptops. With an Integrated Win10 OS device embedded this makes the F series a far economical front of room touch screen solution.

Full Active Pen functionality with a PASSIVE pen

Because InGlass™ touch technology can precisely recognise the size of the object touching it, it can easily tell the difference between your finger, pen, eraser or palm.

This means that many Microsoft features normally reserved for devices with expensive and easy to lose active pens are suddenly available for you to use. Experience superb pen performance while inking & writing with the 3mm tipped passive pen.

Use “in-app” Microsoft inking features in Avocor Note, the new EDGE browser, OneNote, PowerPoint and many other popular Microsoft office applications.

OPS Slot

Many competitors use their own “BLADE” design slot in PC’s to reduce cost but these non-standard devices can be limited in performance, difficult to repair and/or replace.

The Avocor F 6510 & 7510 feature an OPS Slot, which is Intel’s international standard for Slot in PC’s.

This means that there is a wide choice of hardware on the market and it will be easier to upgrade the device in the future.






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