Canon business projectors

Canon Business Projectors

Make presentations powerful and impactful with a Canon projector.  Our multimedia projectors will impress any audience.

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Make your presentations sharp and memorable, with our range of Canon business projectors. Whatever business you’re in, whatever presentations you deliver, we have a model to suit your needs.

Canon business projectors incorporate innovative imaging technology to bring you high quality colour and clarity with seamless resolution and superior brightness, complemented by a whisper-quiet fan, so your presentations are picture-perfect.

Canon XEED projectors are the world’s most premium quality range of projectors offering the world’s best Canon optics and many unique features.

Canon Lenses

The quality of the lens in any imaging device is paramount if you are to ensure the highest level of output. All Canon XEED projectors are carefully crafted with genuine Canon lenses allowing for each Canon projector to project stunning video and still images in the highest level in their class.

LCOS Technology

Each Canon XEED projector is fitted with genuine Canon Liquid Crystal(LCOS) panels mounted on a silicon base ensuring amazing unrivalled picture quality with superb clarity, colour reproduction, smooth gradations and detail that needs to be seen to be believed.

Harnessing Light

With over 75 years of imaging excellence, Canon XEED projectors harness light utilising an exclusive and unique Canon AISYS Optical Engine. This system ensures very minimal and some times zero light loss between the wide and telephoto zoom range through the Canon projection lenses fitted to each projector*. Due to this technology many Canon XEED projectors can out perform competing models with much higher lumens ratings**

Japanese Quality

Each Canon XEED projector is assembled in Japan, with each lens made in Japan at the same factory that produces their state-of-the-art, and market leading professional Digital SLR lenses which are renown the world over for their exceptional imaging capabilities and build quality.

*varies between models **Canon internal testing

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