Huddly IQ

The Huddly IQ delivers a video experience for your huddle rooms like no other.

Huddly IQ is an AI-equipped camera. With a 150° field of view and an integrated studio-quality microphone, everyone can be seen and heard. And that in excellent picture and sound quality. IQ thus offers a first-class video conferencing experience. In addition, IQ is USB powered and compatible with all major conference platforms, making it ideal for Huddle Rooms, medium-sized conference rooms as well as open communal workspaces.


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The AI-powered conference camera

The AI-powered conference camera

The award-winning Huddly IQ delivers a video meeting experience like no other, with 150° wide-angle video, an embedded microphone array and groundbreaking AI capabilities.

AI features ✔ 
Advanced room analytics ✔


Genius Framing.
Now smoother.

With Genius Framing, Huddly IQ makes the meeting experience feel natural by smoothly zooming in on the participants and framing them perfectly in the image. The Huddly App makes it easy to keep the camera up-to-date with the latest features.



Smarter video.  Better meetings.

An onboard neural engine allows Huddly IQ to see, understand and respond to its environment in real time. Huddly IQ takes away the need to control the camera by automating the user experience in smart new ways.

AI features ✔ Advanced analytics ✔



Award-winning design
and engineering

Huddly IQ has received numerous prestigious awards for its beautiful design, powerful functionality, and simplicity. It has a clean, functional aesthetic based on Scandinavian design principles, paired with groundbreaking AI features. The materials and feel of the product match the image and audio quality



Advanced data.
Better decisions.

Huddly IQ gives organizations crucial insights into how their meeting spaces are being used, with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API.

Neural engine ✔ Analytics API ✔



Constantly evolving.
Built to learn.

Huddly IQ is an edge-based Deep Learning platform that is designed to get even smarter over time with software enhancements and new Genius feature releases


Convolutional neural network ✔


Everyone heard.
Loud and clear.

Huddly IQ’s software-enhanced embedded microphone array delivers optimal vocal clarity, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

5-element mic array ✔




Any platform.

USB-powered and compatible with any platform, Huddly IQ is perfect for small huddle rooms, medium size meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Platform-agnostic ✔ USB 3.0 ✔