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The modern office meeting room is undergoing a process of transformation, driven by evolution in display technology and changes in how we work on a daily basis.

Helping to drive this change is a growing range of professional large format displays from NEC, offering intelligent features dedicated to conferencing and flexible connectivity.

The market demand for touch is also constantly growing, with modern meetings becoming an increasingly interactive workspace. NEC Display Solutions continue to cater for these ever changing requirements.

Ultra high definition large format displays

Grasp the attention of your audience; present with richness of detail and colour with an Ultra High Definition (3840×2160 resolution) large format display, setting new standards in image size and quality.

Clear, crisp text reduces eye fatigue whilst the extra wide viewing angle promotes collaboration. Enjoy a dynamic videoconferencing experience, facilitating productive communication for real commercial benefit.

Sizes range from 65” to 98” with 24/7 operation.

NEC E Series large format displays

For impressive Full HD visual performance, the E Series offers a budget-oriented large format presentation tool for corporate conferencing applications.

Ideal for projector replacements, the low cost LCD panel delivers a professional solution with eye-pleasing black levels for ergonomic viewing to enhance productivity in business meetings and training.

Sizes range from 32” to 90” with 12/7 operation.

Why NEC display solutions?

Through innovative technology development, NEC Display Solutions offers the industry’s broadest range of LCD and LED Displays, Projection and Videowall solutions.

NEC products are engineered to an exceptionally high standard for uncompromising reliability and longevity backed by a robust no-fuss warranty and comprehensive technical support

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