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Create virtually bezel-less Video Walls as large as 83m²

Spectacular video walls work better where the image is clearer and larger and is not obstructed by unsightly bezels.

The latest entries in the X UN Series, the NEC MultiSync® X551UN displays, can be built into a wall of up to 83m 2 with virtually invisible bezels as small as 5.7 mm content to content. And are loaded with features that make simple instant calibration and heat management, LAN servicing, easy mounting and alignment and much more, a reality.

Building on the Best

Create immense video matrixes, with arrays as large as 10 by 10 whilst bezels can be virtually invisible, as thin as 5.7 mm between displayed content. Flexible options with simple paired or 4 panel solutions for reception halls and public spaces to mega walls for events and situations where presence is everything. Utilise the Daisy Chain Option Board to set up large arrays of screens, simply and cost-effectively

Future proof connectivity 

NEC videowall displays feature dual digital daisy chain, allowing full connectivity and maximum flexibility. Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) also enables the integration of third party peripherals such as an on-board PC or media player. Use of slot-in modules – rather than integrated devices – can significantly reduce configuration, installation and maintenance costs.

Uniformity and control

NEC’s pioneering thermal control for public displays is still unmatched, allowing users to monitor and limit the heat inside a display with controllable fans.

Network control delivers the highest level of remote display management. NEC PC control software allows alarm e-mails to be sent, enabling potential maintenance issues to be scheduled at non-critical times.

Intuitive Brightness Management – Energy Saving and Longer Life Cycles

NEC are renowned for products designed to stand the test of time. The MultiSync® X UN Series is no exception, in addition to heat management, automatic brightness control and it’s eco mode will help prolong the display’s life.

The natural changes during the day in brightness in many environments can be read and used to adjust the brightness of video walls. Since it would be very inconvenient to adjust brightness levels manually , the MultiSync® X UN Series features an external ambient light sensor the position of which the user can freely determine.

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