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With advanced calibration processes and superior panel technology, Samsung video walls are the premier solution for captivating media displays. They are designed and built for 24/7 public-space operation in transport, retail, education, government or control rooms.

Engage viewers in public spaces

Samsung UDE video walls are the ideal solution for transport hubs, including airports and rail terminals, displaying critical travel information.

Entice customers at retail venues

Samsung video wall solutions are perfect for almost any size or type of retail environment within high traffic areas with attention-catching displays.

Information signage in corporate messaging

MagicInfo® video wall software makes content, display and remote management more convenient for complex deployments like briefing centres, operations centres and control rooms.

UHD video wall processing

Create large video walls at ultra high resolution for configurations of up to 25 displays.

Samsung Smart Signage Platform 3.0

The latest version of the platform helps users easily control displays and manage and distribute content, embedded in UDE-P Series displays. The PC-less, all-in-one solution features a powerful quad-core processor and an optional Signage Player Box for non-SoC displays.

Scan compensation

Large video wall displays capable of perfectly synchronised video content across the entire display.

High Durability for Longer Term Usage

Video walls must be able to tolerate long hours of operation, high temperatures, ambient dust and heavy-duty usage. Cheap displays may lose quality after long-term use and static images may be permanently burned into the screens, causing distortion and distraction for the audience. Samsung video wall panels, on the other hand, are both heat and dust resistant and they boast a high weight bearing capacity. They also come equipped with screen burn-in protection, which helps prevent a fixed image from sticking on the screen after being displayed for a long period of time.

Non-Glare Panel

Samsung video walls use non-glare panels to ensure vivid, high-visibility content even under strong direct light. By diffusing the light that hits the display surface, non-glare panels allow video walls to be installed in a range of environments with little to no reduction in image quality or distracting glare.

High Contrast Ratio

Samsung video wall panels offer a high contrast ratio, which results in detailed and delicate images with subtle texture even in dark or low grayscale scenes. Samsung panels deliver darker black for outstanding images with accurate visual expression.

* Depending on the model, contrast Ratio ranges from 3,500:1 to 4,000:1 in Samsung’s 2015 lineup

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