SMART Board 2000

The SMART Board 2000 Series is perfect for any room where teams share ideas and brainstorm

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The SMART Board 2000 is a 75-inch, 4K UHD display with built-in screen sharing that supports iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms. This non-touch LED display performs as an active collaboration hub between devices to provide better levels of engagement. When it comes to business, the SMART Board 2000 is a practical solution that provides business flexibility in the implementation of technology for group collaboration.

Non-touch screen perfect for businesses

Anything you have on your device, you can show wirelessly on the SMART Board 2000. This non-touch display is perfect for businesses that require more than just a screen. The SMART Board 2000 enables your colleagues to participate in collaborations and presentations in ways TV’s can’t match.

Give everyone the chance to contribute

Great concepts develop when everybody contributes and participates. It is now effortless for colleagues to show whatever is on their Android, iOS and Microsoft devices with the wireless screen-sharing feature. No apps, wires or extra hardware are required. Furthermore, presentations and websites look stunning in crisp, 4K Ultra HD resolution.

The SMART Board 2000 comes with:

  • 10w Integrated Speakers (x2)
  • Remote Control
  • 3 year manufacturer display warranty

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