SMART 7000 Pro
SMART 7000 Pro

SMART Board 7000 Pro

SMART Board 7000 Pro series interactive flat panel with built in iQ and SMART Meeting Pro Software

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The SMART Board 7000 Pro Series Interactive Display with iQ is the hub of your meeting room. The PC-free embedded computing provides one-touch access to collaborative tools, including a whiteboard, wireless screen sharing and a web browser. There’s no need for wires, cables or manual software and firmware updates.

The 75″ 4K ultra-high-definition LED display provides optimal image clarity and wide viewing angles. With the Pen ID™ feature, you can assign different appearances to the four pens and write or draw over any application in digital ink

Object Awareness™

Object Awareness™ allows you to perform mouse functions with your finger, write in digital ink with the pen, and erase with your palm or eraser – all without switching tools or modes. You can use a variety of gestures in applications, and four users can write or draw at the same time.

Everything businesses need one touch away

No apps to download. No cables to plug in. The SMART Board 7000 Pro series makes meetings more productive right out of the box. Presenters are able to switch between writing notes on the digital whiteboard, to quarterly reports, to Internet browsing with a tap. A whole new seamless meeting experience frees up hours to get work done.

Incorporates SMART Meeting Pro® software

Build ideas without restraint. Whether you’re preparing for a meeting, collaborating in one or reviewing the information afterwards, you can access, engage and create content anytime, from anywhere. Don’t bother erasing. Just keep working. There are no space restrictions to the workspace. Insert images, hyperlinks or other files you need to work on. Write in digital ink, zoom in and out using gestures and pan across the workspace.

SMART Ink lets you write in any application you’re using, whether it is PDF, PPT or industry-specific software like AutoCAD®. Fully supported by Windows 10. Keep a maps-style overview of your content that shows your current location and content that is outside of your current view, as well as navigate to different areas of your workspace. The bookmark key content within the workspace so that you can navigate back to it for reference or in a presentation.

The SMART Board 7000 Pro comes with:

  • SMART Meeting Pro software
  • 1 Room license
  • 10 Personal licenses
  • iQ Appliance
  • Pen (x4)
  • Eraser
  • 3 year manufacturer display warranty

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