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Upgrade to a meeting room collaboration solution where Whiteboard meets Display

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The SMART kapp iQ is an Ultra-HD display with a built-in whiteboard which enables multi-way inking between any combinations of devices, anywhere in the world – simultaneously. This unique device enables true multi-way collaboration beyond the confines of the office walls. Everyone can get involved, whether you have multiple offices across the globe with which you can host live sessions between multiple displays. Or whether you need to fit into multiple people’s busy schedules, in which case you can connect the kapp iQ™ to any Android or iOS device meaning that you can share and save with any connected laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Using this device could not be easier; just plug it in and after one quick install the brainstorming can begin. You can connect to the display through the SMART kapp iQ app simply by scanning the QR code. Only one person needs to connect to the display and then a URL is immediately created for the session which the user can then share with up to 250 participants. Once connected any participant can write on the display from their device using different ink colours to help make their ideas come alive, your writing instantly appears on the display and on everyone else’s device. You can also capture and save notes and snapshots at any time to a storage service such as Evernote, allowing you to further share ideas and refer back to them at a later date.

Key Features:

  • Touch. Write. Swipe. Control the display with your hands.
  • Save and organize notes on your devices. Send as PDFs or JPEGs
  • Protect sensitive work with encrypted connections.
  • The panoramic whiteboard scrolls left to right, giving you more room to work.
  • Share content on the display over the same WiFi network from a variety of personal devices.
  • Guest laptop connection (additional HDMI and USB) meaning that you will not have to disconnect your main PC source.
  • Instantly connect the display to your Wi-Fi, and have the built-in web browser connect to the internet without the need to run the room PC.
  • Wireless screen sharing (Airplay, Chromecast, Miracast).
  • Enhanced settings to erase the screen and save to the appliance.
  • ENERGY STAR® compliant – Certified by ENERGY STAR to save energy, lowering your total cost of ownership.



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