SMART visual collaboration solutions are based on intuitive software that makes it easy to share information, capture ideas and determine next steps by connecting with dispersed teams and individuals wherever they are located.
Video conferencing – from small one-to-one conferences through to multi-point sessions with several different groups of people joining the conference – allows you to meet, talk, work collaboratively and fully participate with colleagues.
SMART Board interactive whiteboards or interactive displays using SMART Bridgit conferencing software intensifies the value of video conferencing by allowing you to also share data.  It offers a real interactive working environment typically only previously experienced when face-to-face.  Combining both video and data gives users the facility for working together collaboratively to update documents, write or draw using a single shared whiteboard, attach a visualiser to view pictures, objects and documents, or share applications and data files from any end point.
SMART visual collaboration solutions integrate with Microsoft Lync and Cisco and can work in parallel with any other unified communications solutions you may use.  The power of collaborating interactively in real-time using SMART Board interactive whiteboards drives productivity.  Removing unnecessary travel reduces the lead time to schedule meetings and brings significant gains in speed to market scenarios.
Key benefits:

  • Reduce travel costs
  • Make decisions faster
  • Communicate effectively
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Interact across the globe
  • Review multi-media quickly
  • Save time getting people together face-to-face


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