Geography shouldn’t be an obstacle for your business.  With SMART visual collaboration solutions, you’ll save time and money, make your business more efficient and drive results – and you won’t have to get on a plane to do it.
Make it easy to connect with dispersed teams and individuals wherever they are located around the world.  You have the ability to transform the relationship that people have with their work, so that work becomes the activity they undertake, and not the place they do it.  From Bridgit conferencing software to interoperability with the remote-connectivity products you already use, you can enable colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers to fully participate in collaboration sessions from virtually anywhere.
Attendees can be using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or display, a laptop or desktop PC or a tablet such as an iPad to join and actively contribute to the meeting.  Everyone can see what’s displayed and make notes which will be shared instantly on each interactive whiteboard, display or tablet being used. You can quickly and easily share information, concepts and plans or conduct discussions and brainstorming sessions. You can also effortlessly capture notes and distribute them for future reference, ensuring that all participants have a record of the meeting results.
Key benefits:

  • Easy to connect, safe and reliable
  • Participate in collaboration sessions wherever you are
  • Fully involve remote participants
  • Reduce travel and associated costs
  • Support flexible working policies
  • Make decisions faster
  • Save time scheduling meetings by making it easier to
    bring people together as if they are face-to-face

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