When you invest in a suite of technology to help make your people more productive, it’s essential that they are confident and engaged with it. That’s why Smart Presentations see training as a crucial part of changing the way you work.
At Smart Presentations we offer various training services, including on-site training for SMART Meeting Pro.
All on-site training is completely tailored to your business and your priorities.
Training services include:

  • End-user Training – We will familiarise your people up-to-speed.
  • Technical Training – We will work closely with your IT team to help them become familiar with the systems.
  • Train the Trainer – We will train your own staff to deliver top-quality, customised training to their colleagues internally.
  • On-going Support – We will help you manage change and ensure your people continue to improve their productivity.  We guarantee to re-train another individual should the original person responsible leave your organisation.

We also provide various product videos on our YouTube channel.  Basic familiarisation for the SMART kapp iQ can be found on our dedicated playlist by clicking on the link below.

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