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Training Room Solutions

We know the importance of effective training.  Successful businesses rely on an adaptable, versatile workforce that manages change well. The best way to achieve this is by consistently training and improving the skills of your people.

Whether your trainees are on-site or in remote locations SMART solutions give you flexibility.  Our products make training sessions visual and interactive, so you can communicate information and new concepts more clearly and in greater detail, and trainees can learn at a quicker pace and retain information more effectively. Your business benefits from people who are better prepared, more informed and have a greater chance of driving results for your business.

SMART solutions work seamlessly with traditional training applications, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint, ensuring instructors simply use the technology to augment existing training structures.  Annotating training schedules allows for the recording of training sessions for post-event review by instructors and students alike.  Saving these files enables a comprehensive electronic audit trail to be maintained, showing students what they learnt and when, and instructors what they taught and how.  Retention of knowledge is increased as a direct consequence of more stimulating and enjoyable training.

It is not always realistic to expect all key individuals to be in the same location for training.  The capacity to share complex data regardless of location means that getting people in the same room is no longer an obstacle to successful training.  Using Bridgit conferencing software, trainers can share data in real time directly through a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or display to a range of end points such as other displays or boards, laptops, desktop PCs or tablets.


Key benefits:

  • Visual and interactive training to keep your audience engaged
  • Better retention of knowledge
  • Learn at a quicker pace
  • Allows trainer to save files digitally for future use
  • Supports training of delegates in different locations

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