Smart Presentations Limited advise organisations on collaborative working to drive their business productivity. In providing the latest  in digital infrastructure using innovative interactive touch technology and software, we address five areas that businesses tell us they need to make more efficient:

Productive Marketing Communications

Productive Meetings
Productive Training
Productive Conferencing
Productive Workspaces
Smart Presentations Limited believe that businesses look for technologies and solutions that will provide them with a competitive advantage. We believe this also means them looking at their highest expenses, their people, and making them more efficient, effective and most importantly productive.
We hear so often statistics that suggest that 30% of meetings are a waste of time and whilst we talk about a whole host of issues we still believe that because of this productivity is at the core of any solution.
We know that solutions are actually a mixture of providers working together where inter-operability is critical to overall success and we also know that a big hole in the solutions footprint is around meeting and room solutions to get people to interact and collaborate in new ways without the need to travel. SMART Interactive Whiteboards provide a solution that is a natural way of working that is easy to adopt, that is visual and collaborative across a distance, where everyone could use the same simple secure technology to reduce travel and hotel costs and increase collaboration and communication amongst their people.